Outreach - Let us come to you!

If transportation is an issue, we can come to you with our Nature Naturally, Science on the Grow and Auditorium programs. Outreach programs from the Dallas Arboretum will help you build a connection to science that reaches beyond the classroom walls. Scholarships and bus stipends are available.

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To make a reservation please contact the Reservations Department by phone at 214.515.6540, by fax at 214.515.6578 or by email at

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Science on the Grow Click for More

Science on the Grow

Pre-K – 6th Grade

$150 first class | $100 each additional class

(A minimum of four class bookings per school)

This all-inclusive life science program includes a complete curriculum aligned with the TEKS. Included is a fun, hands-on science lesson presented to your class at your school and an Adventure Backpack field trip to the Arboretum.

Choose from the following topics

  • The Seed Song, Pre-K–Kindergarten
  • The Green Machine, K–2
  • Trees are Terrific, K–2
  • Butterflies and Blossoms, 1–3
  • Going Buggy, 2–5
  • The Buzz on Bees, 4–6
  • Systems for Survival, 3–6
  • Adapted for Life, 3–6

Nature Naturally Click for More

Nature Naturally

Pre-K – 6th Grade

$75 per class, four class minimum booking

We’ll bring a touch of nature right into your classroom! Select a lesson and a degreed teacher will come to your class with a fun, hands-on science program correlated to the TEKS for science. Please call for scheduling information. Scholarships are available for this program.

Choose from the following topics

  • Seeds! Seeds! Seeds!, Pre-K–1
  • Seeds and Me, K–2
  • Look at the Tree, K–1
  • Tadpole to Frog, 1–3
  • Powerful Plants, 1–3
  • Insect Detective, 2–5
  • Can You Dig It?, 2–5
  • Earth on the Move, 2–5
  • Awesome Adaptations, 3–6
  • Systems and Change, 3–6

After School Programs Click for More

Invite the Dallas Arboretum to create a fun and active after school learning experience. Our staff utilizes highly interactive indoor and outdoor activities that allow students to explore nature beyond the classroom walls. All programs are written to TEKS objectives.

3rd – 6th Grade (seven week units)

Diversity of Life

Within an ecosystem there are producers, consumers, decomposers, predators and prey. In this program your students will investigate different types of systems through hands-on activities and experiments including exploring their schoolyard ecosystem.


Students will investigate and compare renewable and non-renewable energy sources, explore alternative energy sources, and conduct experiments in order to better understand electricity and magnetism. Hands-on activities, role-playing and outdoor activities make this a fun and active learning experience.

Rock and Roll

Planet Earth is always changing. In this residency, students will investigate the properties of soil and rocks, perform experiments with weathering and erosion, and engage in experiments and activities to understand both the rock cycle and Earth’s changing surface.

1st–3rd Grade (six week units)

Plant Detective

Students will investigate plants to discover their parts, functions and basic needs. They will plant seeds and watch them grow while investigating the plant life cycle and discovering how living organisms depend on plants. Students will keep a nature journal and examine real plants in the classroom and outdoors in the schoolyard.

Butterflies, Bees and Blossoms

Your students will learn about the parts and discover the purpose of the flowering plant. They will also examine the insect life cycle and investigate the interdependence between flowering plants and insects. Students will dissect real flowers, explore their own schoolyard and investigate pollinators in this interactive and fascinating program.

Planet Earth

In this residency, young students will be introduced to the Earth’s materials. They will investigate soil and decomposition and examine rocks, weathering and erosion all with real specimens. Students will also learn about volcanoes, earthquakes, landforms, sources of water and the water cycle.

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