Outreach - Let us come to you!

If transportation is an issue, we can come to you with our Nature Naturally, Science on the Grow and Auditorium programs. Outreach programs from the Dallas Arboretum will help you build a connection to science that reaches beyond the classroom walls. Scholarships and bus stipends are available.

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Auditorium Programs Click for More

Auditorium Programs

Pre-K – 2nd Grade

$250 first presentation | $200 each additional

A puppet show, costumes and larger-than-life models make these 45-minute programs an experience your students won’t forget. Program fee includes up to 100 students.

Choose from the following topics:

Wishing for Wings

Students learn about the characteristics of butterflies including their basic needs, the unique stages of their life cycle and metamorphosis.

Nuts the Squirrel

Students are introduced to the concepts of season change, adaptations and habitat.

Science on the Grow Click for More

Science on the Grow

Pre-K – 6th Grade

$150 first class | $100 each additional class

(A minimum of four class bookings per school)

This 3-step, all-inclusive life science program features a complete curriculum aligned with the TEKS, a hands-on lesson presented to your class at your site, and an Adventure Backpack Field Trip at the Arboretum.

Choose from the following topics:

The Seed Song


Investigate how plants grow from seeds

Seed Needs

K-2nd grade

Discover the needs of plants and plant parts

Trees are Terrific

K-2nd grade

Plant parts and their functions

Butterflies Transform

1st-3rd grade

Explore the butterfly life cycle

Going Buggy

2nd-5th grade

All about insect characteristics and life cycles

The Buzz on Bees 

4th-6th grade

Interdependence of bees and plants

Animals Survive

3rd-6th grade

All about animal adaptations from habitats to food chains

Plants Survive

3rd-6th grade

How plants have adapted to drastically different ecosystems

Nature Naturally Click for More

Nature Naturally

Pre-K – 6th Grade

$75 per class

(A minimum of four class bookings per school)

We’ll bring a touch of nature right into your classroom! Select a lesson from our list of standards-based choices and an Arboretum educator will come to your class with an engaging, hands-on science program.

Choose from the following topics:

Seeds! Seeds! Seeds! 


Plant parts and plant a window greenhouse

Seeds and Me

K-2nd grade

Plant parts, their basic needs and a seed planting

Look at the Tree

K-2nd grade

Tree parts and their different functions

Tadpole to Frog 

1st-3rd grade

Life cycle of frogs and body development

Powerful Plants

1st-3rd grade

Learning the structures and functions of plants and plant dissection

Insect Detective 

2nd-5th grade

Insect characteristics and metamorphosis

Can You Dig It?

3rd-5th grade

Soil formation and properties

Earth on the Move

2nd-5th grade

Weathering, erosion and landforms

Awesome Adaptations

3rd-6th grade

Structures and functions of plants and their adaptations to different environments

Systems and Change 

3rd - 6th grade

Ecosystems, food chains and decomposers

After School Programs Click for More

1st – 6th Grade

7 week residency program | One 2-hour session each week | $950 flat rate

(Individual sessions can be booked on a limited basis at $150 per session)

Invite the Dallas Arboretum to your site to make after school a fun and active learning experience with highly interactive indoor and outdoor activities for up to 30 students in which participants explore nature beyond the classroom walls. All programs are aligned to the state standards.

In fact, a two-year SMU Center on Research & Evaluation study shows nearly 90% of participating students exhibit at least 35-40% gain in tested science knowledge.

Choose from the following topics:

1st – 3rd Grade Programs (7 lessons in each)

Planet Earth
This unit allows students to investigate rocks, soil, and water and how they interact with real specimens and hands-on experiments.

Plants for Survival
Students will learn about plant parts, functions, life cycles and how they interact with the natural world while they investigate real plants.

Butterflies, Bees and Blossoms

The lessons in this unit focus on the parts and purpose of flowering plants, the insect life cycle and interdependence.

4th – 6th Grade Programs (7 lessons in each)

Rock and Roll
Students learn about the properties of soils, the rock cycle and about the processes that lead to landform formation through hands-on experiments.

Diversity of Life
The lessons in this unit aid students in understanding the role of producers, consumers and decomposers within an ecosystem.

This unit provides students with interactive experiences that enhance their learning about renewable and nonrenewable energy and resources, as well as alternative energy sources.