**All of the following information is stated in your contract**

Viewing the Arboretum as a wedding venue

  • Call the Wedding Sales Representative at 214-515-6513 or email at weddings@dallasarboretum.org to check date availability and request wedding pricing and catering list.
  • Visit with our preferred caterers to make sure your food budget is in line with the caterer’s prices.
  • Personal tours are scheduled after confirming catering pricing is within your food budget.

Book your event at the Arboretum

  • A security deposit and a percentage of the venue fee is due when booking to secure your reservation.
  • If there are damages to the grounds or property, the fees are deducted from your deposit.
  • If your event goes beyond your contracted rental time, you will incur an overtime charge of $150 or more, to cover staffing fees.
  • Your security deposit, less any applicable deductions, will be mailed out 45-60 days after your event.


  • Payments may be made by credit card, cash or mailing in a check. We will not take payments out of your account automatically; you must call each time with the credit card number.
  • The security deposit and the 1st payment (25% of the venue fee) are due at time of booking.
  • You are allowed to make payments on the balance of the venue fee.
  • You will receive the deposit refund in the form of a check 45-60 days after your event.


  • Only Dallas Arboretum preferred caterers are allowed to cater events.
  • You only have to use the caterers for the food. You are allowed to bring in your alcohol and wedding cakes.
  • Sub-contracting with a particular restaurant through Gil’s Elegant Catering or Two Sister’s Catering is allowed for special food needs, such as kosher or ethnic food.
  • We do not add caterers to our preferred list for one-time events.

Meeting the Event Manager

  • Your Event Manager will make initial contact via phone/email within a couple of weeks after booking.
  • Your contract will be emailed by the Event Manager within a couple of weeks after booking your event.

Event Manager Role

  • Your Event Manager’s main role is to coordinate the set-up of your rental site, as well as ordering tents, special lighting and other items that may be requested.
  • The Event Manager will be your direct contact and will assist you at all times with questions and concerns.
  • The Event Manager is not an event planner or wedding coordinator. If you desire this type of service, you may wish to contact an independent planner. We have a Preferred Planner List which includes event/wedding planners who are familiar with our garden guidelines and rules.
  • You will have an Event Facilitator the day of the event, who will be at your venue to oversee load-in, set-up, be a point-of-contact during the event, and close the venue at the end of the event.

Wedding time frames

  • Evening Receptions and/or both ceremony and reception
    • Evening event time frame is 6 p.m. to 11 p.m. with a 7 p.m. start time.
    • Evening “ceremony only” weddings are allowed any night but Saturdays, from 6 p.m.- 8 p.m. with a 7 p.m. start time. The times may be limited due to festivals and public events that take precedence over weddings.
    • Rosine Hall is the only venue that allows music to play until 12 a.m. The cost would be $150 for the additional hour.
    • All outdoor evening music must end at 10:30 p.m. No exceptions.

  • Daytime Ceremonies and/or both ceremony and reception
    • Daytime “ceremony only” event time frames are from 9 a.m.-11 a.m. with a 10 a.m. start time; 12 p.m.- 2 p.m. with a 1 p.m. start time; and 3 p.m. – 5 p.m. with a 4 p.m. start time. Daytime ceremonies are allowed; times may be limited due to festivals and public events that take precedence over weddings.
    • Daytime reception time frame is 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. with an 11 a.m. start time. Must use one of our preferred caterers.

Outdoor Policy regarding entertainment

  • Bands and DJs are allowed at all venues. They must be insured and bonded.
  • Sound levels for outdoor music are limited to the 65 decibels as required by Dallas City Ordinance.
  • Music may not be played after 10:30 p.m. at the DeGolyer Estate and the Alex Camp House in accordance with the Dallas City Ordinance.
  • Daytime garden events must use non-amplified music. Drums, horns, or brass instruments are not allowed in accordance with the Dallas City Ordinance.
  • For your convenience, we have a Preferred Entertainment List which includes entertainers who are familiar with the sound in the gardens.
  • All outdoor evening music must end at 10:30 p.m. No exceptions.

Outdoor Ceremonies / Venues

  • The DeGolyer Estate and the Alex Camp House are all outdoor venues. There is no use of the inside of the DeGolyer Estate except for the bridal room and the Restaurant DeGolyer.
  • The Alex Camp House allows use of the inside lower level, but eating and dancing are done outside.
  • Rosine Hall is the only venue that you can eat and dance inside. The ceremony would be outdoors. This venue requires 150-200 guests to book a Saturday evening. We make exceptions for less than 150-200 guests on all other nights.
  • Each of the reception venues has their own ceremony sites to choose from, included at no charge.
  • You may choose to use a ceremony site from another venue, but you will have to rent the venue that the ceremony site is paired with at the reception price.
  • Please let guests know that the ceremony will be held outside and there is a short walk to the venue. Assistance to the venues cannot be promised.

Rain Plan

  • It’s always a good idea to have a back-up rain plan in case of poor weather. The Dallas Arboretum is unable to provide a rain back up.
  • Daytime “ceremony only” weddings do not have a rain plan. If one of the daytime covered terraces or interior of Rosine Hall is not being used at the time of the event, we can use one of these as a rain plan, subject to availability of space.
  • You may want to arrange with your off-site reception location to have your ceremony there.
  • With the ceremony and receptions, the rain plan is to have the ceremony where the dancing is to take place. We can put down a few chairs for the immediate family and ones that can’t stand for a long time. Everyone else would just stand and shorten the ceremony vows.
  • You will discuss and make a rain plan when you meet with your Event Manager to create the setup diagram. Rule of thumb: if it’s 20% chance of rain or greater, you will need to be ready to switch to the rain plan.


  • Tents are not allowed on any of the ceremony sites, but are allowed at the reception locations. It is always a good idea to consider tenting when planning for an outdoor event. All tents must be ordered at least 30 days in advance and must be coordinated through your Event Manager.
  • If you have more than 100 guests at either the DeGolyer Estate or the Alex Camp House, you need to budget for a tent.
  • With the DeGolyer Estate and the Alex Camp House, the rule of thumb is: if it’s 20% or more chance of rain or greater, you need to order the tent.
  • Your Event Manager will discuss the tenting options and get a quote for the tent. Renting the tent requires a permit through the City of Dallas. This permit is an estimated $750.
  • The tent needs to be ordered within 30 days of the event or soon as the weather predicts rain. The tent can be cancelled 5 days before the tent is to be installed; but the permit fee will be forfeited.


  • Rehearsals will be scheduled through your Event Manager. They may be scheduled Monday through Thursday, between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. or Fridays from 9 a.m. – 1 p.m.. No weekend or after-hours rehearsals are available.
  • Parking and admission for your wedding party are included.
  • All rehearsals are 1 hour in duration.
  • Officiant needs to attend.
  • Please encourage everyone to arrive on time.


  • Vendors are allowed to arrive at 5 p.m. unless a different time has been arranged with the Event Manager.
  • Event Manager will coordinate vendor load-ins. You will be given a vendor list to record the vendor names and contact numbers that will be given to the Event Manager.
  • Vendors include the minister, florist, musician, transportation, caterer, baker, photographer, videographer and anyone else involved in your event.

Daytime ceremonies

  • No cars are allowed to drive within the gardens during the day. All vendors during this time must walk/carry equipment or use a push cart. Assistance cannot be promised.

After-hours ceremonies/receptions

  • Vendors are allowed to arrive at 5 p.m. unless a different time has been arranged with the Event Manager.
  • All vendors arriving at 5 p.m. must walk/carry equipment or use a push cart to the venue. Assistance cannot be promised.
  • At 6 p.m. the vendors will be escorted up to the venue to unload by the Event Manager or the Event Facilitator. Assistance cannot be promised.
  • Vendors are to pick up all items brought to the event at the conclusion of the event. Assistance cannot be promised.


  • All flower arrangements must have fresh, live flowers.
  • Any loose petals used must be real and be white or ivory in color. The pigments of red, pink, etc. will stain the walkways if stepped on.
  • Since we are a botanical garden, bird seed, rice, paper confetti and other non-natural items cannot be used for decoration or used for tossing at the bride and groom at their send off.
  • Decorations cannot be hung from the trees or stuck in the ground.
  • If additional time is needed for decorating before 5 p.m., each hour or partial hour is $150.

Coming to the Arboretum after booking

  • Let your Event Manager know when you want to come to the Arboretum and you will be added to our daily guest list.
  • Make an appointment with your Event Manager if you need to meet with them.

Bridal Portraits

  • No charge, but must be added to the daily guest list. Must come dressed. No changing in the public restrooms.
  • Portraits are done during business hours from 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.
  • VIP room is available to rent Monday-Friday at $150 for two hours between 9 a.m. – 2 p.m.

Daylight Savings Time

  • The gardens are open daily from 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.
  • During the months of late October to early March, additional lighting will be needed at the ceremony venues.
  • All evening events start at 7 p.m., even during daylight savings time.

Additional Equipment Rentals

  • Tents, heaters, fans, lighting, upgrade of chairs, upgrade of tables, PA equipment, security, stage, dance floor, lounge furniture, etc.
  • Event Manager will get quotes for additional items.
  • Payment for additional rental equipment must be made 3 weeks before the event.
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