Gardening and Design

Gardening and Design programs at the Arboretum help expand your gardening knowledge and give you the information to create an incredible landscape from season to season.

Experts from around the country will inspire you to design using the best plants and practices for North Texas gardens.

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Principles of Pruning Click for More

Principles of Pruning

December 10, 12-2pm, $33 ($30 for Members)

Bram Franklin, Complete Landsculpture

Bram will share the ins and outs of pruning both trees and shrubs and why pruning is the key to maintaining healthy plants. Learn proper pruning techniques, the best time to prune evergreen or deciduous plants and more.

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Good to the Last Drop! Rainwater Harvesting Click for More

Good to the Last Drop! Rainwater Harvesting

January 28, 9-11am, $94 ($85 for Members)

Patrick Dickinson, Texas A&M Agrilife

Program Coordinator Water University Learn basic water harvesting strategies and then construct and go home with a rain barrel that is ready for harvest – rainwater harvest that is.

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Growing Citrus in North Texas Click for More

Growing Citrus in North Texas

January 28, 12-2pm, $33 ($30 for Members)

Rob Bauereisen, Grounds Supervisor for the Fort Worth Botanic Garden

Learn which varieties do well in our climate, how to get the most fruit from your trees and how to care for and maintain your trees year round.

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New! Hooked on Hydroponics Click for More

New! Hooked on Hydroponics

January 28, 12-2pm, $75 ($68 for Members)

Max & Jody Wall, Dallas Urban Farm

Two of Dallas’ contemporary gardening pioneers will help you create a deep water culture hydroponic system that can sustainably and easily grow several plants year-round. During class you will build a working system to begin growing at home.

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New! Gardening Month-by-Month Click for More

New! Gardening Month-by-Month

Soil Solutions

February 11, 12-2pm, $45 ($40 for Members)

Val Nolan, Owner Mother Herbs Garden

Good soil is the key to a successful garden. Discover how to maintain your soil organically and discuss Ph levels, the basic building blocks N,P and K, the science of compost, as well as the reasons and uses for organic amendments. Bring a soil sample to test.

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Landscape for Life™ Sustainable Gardening Certificate

February 4, 11, 18 & 25; 12-2pm, $110 ($99 for Members)

Gail Donaldson, City of Allen Water Conservation Manager

This four-part program, created by the US Botanic Garden & Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center, will take you through the process of transforming your landscape while learning the importance of healthy soil, the role of water in the garden, which plants will work together to create a healthy and beautiful garden and how selecting the right plants can save resources and money.

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Tons of Tomatoes Click for More

Tons of Tomatoes

February 18, 9-11am, $33 ($30 for Members)

John Hunt, Landscape Consultant

John will share tips on selecting the best varieties for Dallas, how and when to plant and how to get the most tomatoes from your plants. Come learn how to grow tomatoes that are farmer’s market fresh.

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English Gardens, Texas Style Click for More

English Gardens, Texas Style

February 18, 9-11am, $33 ($30 for Members)

Randy Weston, Weston Gardens in Bloom

Using a wide variety of perennial plant material, successful plant combinations for sun and shade, as well as native plants, you can have a beautiful English style garden in your own yard.

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The Mind-blowing World Beneath Our Feet Click for More

The Mind-blowing World Beneath Our Feet

February 23, 7-7:45pm, author; reception, 7:45 -9pm; presentation/book signing

$40 ($36 for Members); Two tickets for $75 ($68 for Members)

Kristin Ohlson, Award winning Journalist and Author Soil is truly the last frontier.

Most of us haven’t a clue as to what’s going on under our feet, but scientists are increasingly turning their attention to the incredible biodiversity in the world’s soils. There are billions of microorganisms, and they are critical to helping plants find nutrients and water, fight pests and disease and communicate with each other. After exploring this dark underworld, you’ll never look at the ground the same way again!

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Winning Combinations Click for More

Winning Combinations

March 1, 9-11am, $33 ($30 for Members)

Johnette Taylor, President Roundtree Landscaping

Using basic design principles, find out how to use color, texture and form to create the most impact throughout your landscape.

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