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Christmas Village Holiday Entertainment

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Nothing says holiday like live music in the Christmas Village.

Nothing says holiday like live music in the garden. Enjoy the live performances from local schools, churches and community groups as well as local professional performers in The Christmas Village. All performances are included with your Holiday at the Arboretum ticket.

November 9 Caroling with Holiday Cheer (6–9pm)
November 10 Gaston Middle School Dance Team (6–7pm); LHHS Wranglers (7–7:30pm); Mustang Stampede (7:30–8pm)
November 11 Mountain Natives (6–9pm)
November 12–18 Accordionist Paul Salvie (6–9pm)
November 19 Window to the Wild bird show (6–8pm)
November 20 Calvary Bible Church Choir (6–9pm)
November 21 Window to the Wild bird show (6:30–8:30pm)
November 23 Dallas Piano Academy (6–7pm)
November 24 Kenny Haddox (6–9pm)
November 26 Carly Carroll, singing pianist (6–9pm); Juggler DK Hernando (6:30–8:30pm)
November 27 Juggler DK Hernando (6:30–8:30pm)
November 28 Carly Carroll, singing pianist (6–9pm)
December 4 Accordionist Paul Salvie (6–9pm); Juggler DK Hernando (6:30–8:30pm)
December 5–8 Accordionist Paul Salvie (6–9pm)
December 9 Wylie High School Choir (6:30–9pm)
December 10 Lakewood Presbyterian Varsity Victorian Chorus (6:30–9pm)
December 11 Berkner Ramblers (12–12:30pm); Accordionist Paul Salvie (6–9pm); Juggler DK Hernando (6:30–8:30pm)
December 14 John Lefler, acoustic pop/folk (6–9pm)
December 15 St. Philip & St. Augustine Catholic Academy Choir (6–7pm); Lavon Drive Baptist Church Choir (7–8pm); Coram Deo Academy Flower Mound Choir (8–8:30pm)
December 16 Mesquite High School Choir (6–9pm)
December 18 Caroling with Holiday Cheer (6–9pm); Juggler DK Hernando (6:30–8:30pm)
December 19 St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church (6–9pm); Juggler DK Hernando (6:30–8:30pm)
December 20 Carly Carroll, singing pianist (6–9pm)
December 21 John Lefler, acoustic pop/folk (6–9pm)
December 22 Corey Breedlove, jazzy acoustic pop (6–9pm)
December 23 Juggler DK Hernando (6:30–8:30pm)
December 26 Juggler DK Hernando (6:30–8:30pm)

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