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Weekend Beer & Wine Tastings

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Sample local beers and wines at our weekend tastings.

Taste seasonal beer and wine, learn about how they are created and discover innovative ways to serve them with local brewers and experts. 

August 7: Wine tasting by Sugar Ridge Winery (12–2 p.m.)

August 20: Craft beer tasting by Oak Highlands Brewery (2–4 p.m.)

August 27: Olive Oil tasting with Chef Michelle, owner of Infused Oils & Vinegars. (11 a.m.–12pm at the Test Pavilion)

September 3: Craft beer tasting by 3 Nations Brewing (2–4 p.m.)

September 18: Craft beer tasting (including Oktoberfest) by Vector Brewing Company (2–4 p.m.)

September 18: Craft beer tasting with Craig Bradley from Vector Brewing Company featuring Oktoberfest beer and other favorites (2–4 p.m.)

September 24: Wine tasting with Jess the Wine Lady from WineWithMe, showcasing fall sangria (1–3 p.m.)

October 1: Oak Highlands Brewery tasting with Ryan Childers (2–4 p.m.)

October 8: Join Eloy Leal from Four Corners Brewing Co (12–2 p.m.)

October 16: Wine tasting hosted by Sugar Ridge Winery (12–2 p.m.)

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