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Flower Power Courses

Flower Power: A Meditative Walk in the Garden

A meditation walk in the garden by Patricia Dedman Nail, owner of 6-D Design and clinical psychotherapist who turned her passion for flowers into a transformational healing process.

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May 17, 10:30am-12:00pm (Level II)

  • May 17, 10:30am-12:00pm Level II (Participation in Level I is not required) The DeGolyer House Library

Price per session: $35 for Members, $45 for Non-members

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In our busy, sped-up, computerized world of cell phones, emails, chatting, Instagram, and video chat, our body has not caught up with the immediacy of new technology. Just in the last 30 years, this trend, coupled with the “I must have this” culture and availability to buy or obtain something NOW, has caused havoc on the body, brain and spirit. We cannot digest all this information and stimulation coming at us and through us, and our bodies are in crisis mode, with digestive disorders, anxiety, and panic attacks just to name a few. People turn to medication and alcohol to manage this crisis.

How can we cope in this sped-up world? We must meditate instead of medicate! AKA “Healing in the garden”

Slow down and smell the flowers. Let the colors, textures, aromas and sounds mesmerize you into stillness, being present, refreshed and healed. Flowers and trees enjoy giving back to humanity for the simple pleasure of evoking stillness and beauty to anyone who stops to look and listen.

In this two-part series, Patricia Dedman Nail, owner of 6-D Design and clinical psychotherapist, will teach processes that can be learned and repeated, that guests can take with them and practice on their own, as a part of their daily routine at home, in their own garden, or at the Arboretum, to combat the stress we find around us daily. The class will be held in A Tasteful Place, followed by a healing meditative walk in the garden.

Guests can also register by phone at 214-515-6500.

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