Stay up to date with the Dallas Arboretum as Dave Forehand, vice president of gardens, and the Horticulture team share gardening advice, planting techniques and highlight what's currently in bloom across the garden. For more videos, please visit our YouTube page.

Mini Herb Garden

Now is the perfect time of year to start planting a mini herb garden, and Dave Forehand walks you through this easy process.

Kale Chips

Dave puts on his chef's apron and steps into the kitchen to show you how easy it is to harvest and make Kale Chips.


Perfect for winter plantings, artichokes and cardoons can be found throughout the garden right now.


Wondering where that sweet smell in the garden is coming from? You have Osmanthus Carl Wheeler to thank for it.

Red Flowering Yucca

This is a perfect accent plant for your garden and serves as a great focal point. Known as "Brakelights" Dave is often asked about this, as it's seen on the side of the highway.

Bear's Breeches and Giant Leopard Plant

Looking for the perfect plant to accompany your hostas? Bear's Breeches and Giant Leopard Plant do great in any kind of Texas weather.

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