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A Tasteful Place Volunteers

A Tasteful Place Volunteers

Volunteering in A Tasteful Place is an opportunity to help the Arboretum and give our guests a delicious taste of this beautiful new vegetable and herb garden.

Volunteers help garden guests in a number of unique, exciting ways, and they have a good time doing it!

Here are our current volunteer opportunities in A Tasteful Place.

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A Tasteful Place Sample Server

Food prepared from the garden is available daily for tastings. We need volunteers to help set up, and serve these tastings. This volunteer opportunity is available 7 days a week in two shifts per day, 9:30-1 and 1-4:30. Training required.

A Tasteful Place Garden Guide

Garden Guides walk the garden in A Tasteful Place answering questions about the vegetables in the garden during each season. This position is 7 days a week from 10-2 pm. Training required.

A Tasteful Place Class assistants

Assist during food demonstrations and cooking classes scheduled. This requires training and food handler certification.

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