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Holiday at the Arboretum

Holiday at the Arboretum

Featuring the 12 Days of Christmas and Christmas Village.

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November 9–January 5

Texas’ Best Christmas Event”

 – Southern Living Magazine


Holiday at the Arboretum returns with a garden transformed for the magic of the season including the return of our beloved Christmas Village, the 12 Days of Christmas and our Dazzling Musical Tree! We also invite you to visit our historic DeGolyer House, elaborately decorated by renowned designer Michael Hamilton, and featuring our new collection of nearly 600 nutcrackers amongst other classic Christmas themes. This exhibit is open daily, and every Monday–Wednesday evening, beginning November 8.

Daytime Admission

November 9–January 5 | 9am-5pm

Includes admission to Holiday at the Arboretum and our Christmas Village. Both members and non-members are required to reserve tickets in advance.

Christmas Village giveaways are available each weekend day now through December 31, and weekdays beginning December 26 through January 5.

Reserve Day Tickets

Admission Price $20 $12 $16 Free

Nighttime Admission

November 9–January 5 | 6-9pm

Includes admission to Holiday at the Arboretum at Night and our Christmas Village. Both members and non-members are required to reserve tickets in advance.

Christmas Village giveaways are available each night of Holiday at the Arboretum at Night through January 5.

Reserve Nighttime Tickets

Member Adult
Member Child/Senior(2-12, 65+)
Sunday – Tuesday $15 $13 $15 $12 $10
Wednesday – Thursday $25 $13 $18 $13 $11
Friday – Saturday $35 $15 $18 $15 $11

Group Tickets

Gather your loved ones and make it a festive affair at Holiday at the Arboretum. Experience the magic of the season together with group tickets—because celebrations are merrier when shared!

Daily 9am-5pm $17 $13 $9
Sunday – Tuesday 6-9pm $14 $12 $10
Wednesday – Thursday 6-9pm $26 $14 $10
Friday – Saturday 6-9pm $26 $14 $11

Concierge tickets are also available for $15 each, sold in bundles of 25. They remain valid for 12 months, with no reservation required.

Free & Repeating Programs

CC Young Senior Living Thursdays 
November – December | 9am-5pm  
Seniors 65 and older get in for $1 off general garden admission and always receive a 20% discount in the Hoffman Family Gift Store.  

Dallas College Cooks 
Every Monday at A Tasteful Place | 11am 
Dallas College alum Chef Libby Wright joins the garden as she guides you through making delicious seasonal dishes  

Tasteful Tuesdays Floral Demos  
Every Tuesday at A Tasteful Place | 11am 
Local floral experts provide how to demos, hands on tips and tricks and design inspiration with seasonal color. 

Daily Tastings Demo with Chef Isabel 
Every Tuesday at A Tasteful Place | 1pm 
Resident Chef Isabel Snetsinger shows you how she creates the seasonal recipes you enjoy each week at the Ruthie Pack Tasting Plaza.  

Chef-Tastic Cooking Demos 
Most Wednesdays at A Tasteful Place | 11am 
Visit each week for an essential skill to increase your kitchen prowess – you’ll have tips and tricks to share with friends and family, new go to recipes and more! 

Learn to Grow Fridays  
Every Friday at A Tasteful Place | 11am 
Presented by the Dallas County Master Gardeners, the Dallas Arboretum Horticultural Staff, and local experts. Enjoy special tips and presentations on plants and gardening topics. 

Special Programming

Caricatures with Sally 
Each Monday, Tuesday & Saturday 12-9pm 
Each Thursday 11am-5pm 
November 10th – December 31st  
Grab a seat with Local Caricature Artist Sally as she creates portraits for the whole family in Christmas Village. Nominal fee applies. 

12 Days of Christmas Gazebos

Day 1: Partridge in a Pear Tree

The Pear Tree has gold branches sprinkled with rhinestones, green mirrored leaves, and gold, rhinestone encrusted pears. The partridge sits “center stage,” intricately painted and adorned with rhinestones. The tree revolves with the partridge in it.

Day 2: Two Turtle Doves

The Two Turtle Doves cuddles on an arrow that pierces a heart-shaped cage suspended from the roof of the gazebo. The feather-tailed turtle doves are intricately painted and covered with rhinestones. The outer cage of crystal beading is decorated with fleur de lis banding on top and bottom.

Day 3: Three French Hens

Day three reflects the native countryside of the Three French Hens. White and gold oval French mirrors bolster Victorian perches for the hens, and this base turns. The hens, black-and-white with red accents,sits in gold straw nests.

Day 4: Four Calling Birds

The Four Calling Birds sit on filigreed, jeweled, Victorian hanging bird perches within an inner oval cage made of iridescent bead strands. The calling birds are multi-colored, with feather plumes and long tails.

Day 5: Five Golden Rings

The Five Golden Rings feature a Victorian circus with a ceiling draped in red and white fabric to mimic a circus tent. The center circus ring has a pedestal with oval mirrors on which a white bear wearing a vest and collar balancing a spinning gold ring on his nose. The bear is surrounded by four seals wearing ruffled collars that are seated and balancing spinning bedazzled gold rings on their noses.

Day 6: Six Geese A-Laying

The Six Geese A-Laying is set in a snow-covered forest. Snow-flocked trees of varying sizes sit on a mirrored floor that turns. Snow and rhinestone “rocks” are piled high around the edges of the gazebo. Two geese are sitting on nests, two are standing in their nests to reveal golden eggs, and two are nested in the trees. The geese have feathered and rhinestones heads and necks, and feathered bodies.

Day 7: Seven Swans A-Swimming

The seven swans float in a snowy, ice crystal palace. The gazebo feature a pond with a tiered fountain and frozen water and icicles in the center of a mirror, or “frozen” pond. The swans, six white and one with black feathers with small crowns on their heads, are around the fountain.

Day 8: Eight Maids-A-Milking

This gazebo feature a truly spectacular English barn divided into four wedge-shaped stalls. There are four intricately painted cows and four beautifully costumed maids sitting on stools while milking. Four other maids are carrying pails.

Day 9: Nine Ladies Dancing

Nine Ladies Dancing feature a Victorian ballroom. The ladies are costumed in beautiful Victorian beaded gowns and have elegant period hair styles. All of them move around the gazebo, and four make complete turns.

Day 10: Ten Lords A-Leaping

This gazebo features ten ice-skating lords. The mirrored floor is a frozen pond. The lords are dressed in Victorian outerwear and ice skates, and all will be skating.

Day 11: Eleven Pipers Piping

The pipers are dressed as Scottish bagpipe players in red and green tartan plaid. Each piper plays bagpipes. The ceiling is draped in green and red tartan to match the pipers’ kilts, and a circle of horns adorned with roping and tassels will suspend from the ceiling over the pipe major. The pipers also move in this gazebo.

Day 12: Twelve Drummers Drumming

This gazebo is a spectacular choice to the exhibit. The drummers are dressed in white pants with red and gold piping, red jackets and red hats with gold trim. They move in concentric circles, with one set moving clockwise and another set moving counterclockwise.

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