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At Home Activity for the Week of February 6

Is This My Home?

Every living thing needs four things to survive. In this week's activity, we'll learn about how the need for food, water, shelter and space influence animals' choices about their habitats and where they make their homes.

Follow the instructions on this page to learn more about your home!

Download Insructions

Storytime Suggestions

Here are a few great books to bring our Habitats Gallery into your home!

Guess Where I Live - Anni Axworthy
A Log's Life - Wendy Pfeffer
A Pill Bug's Life - John Himmelman

Red Leaf, Yellow Leaf - Lois Ehlert
Maple - Lori Nichols

Plant Fact - At Home in the Gardens

Many creatures make the Rory Meyers Children's Adventure Garden their home, most commonly squirrels, birds, and a variety of insects. However, if you look closely along the horsetail reeds of the Pure Energy pond, you will spot the green tree frog clinging to the tall grass. You may need to look really hard because their bright green color (sometimes brown) helps them blend in to their surroundings and makes them harder to see. This adaptation is called camouflage.

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