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Membership FAQ

Membership Frequently Asked Questions

I have been a member in the past. If I renew, am I considered a new member or a renewal?

Regardless of how long it has been since your membership expired, you will be considered a renewal, which means we will reactivate your existing account and carry over that information – however, you will still need to complete a Membership Renewal Application, either in person or online.

I have a membership but forgot my card. Can I still receive member admission benefits?

Yes. We can verify your membership without your member card.

I lost my card. Can I get a new card?

Yes. Replacement cards can be issued, but include a $7 processing fee. To receive a new card, please contact customer service at 214.515.6615.

How many cars does my membership parking benefit cover?

One car per Individual membership and two cars at Family level and above can park at no charge.

Is the membership for a calendar year or from the date of purchase?

Membership starts on the date of purchase and extends to the end of that month the following year.

What is membership auto-renewal?

Instead of being prompted to manually renew your membership when it expires, we will use the credit card on file to automatically renew your membership at the same membership level, unless you provide us with a 30-day cancellation notice. Members will receive notice of the renewal rate 30 days prior to the auto-renewal date.

How many people can I bring with my membership?

Individual membership includes year-round general garden admission for the primary member and one guest (two individuals per visit). Family level membership and above includes year-round general garden admission for the primary member and up to five guests (six individuals per visit).

At what age are children included in the membership total?

Children age two and above are included as an individual member. Children under the age of two are admitted at no charge.

When should I expect my membership card?

Processing and delivery can take up to 30 days. If you purchase a membership on site, the yellow copy can be used as a temporary card until the permanent cards arrive.

Can I let someone else use my card?

Unfortunately, we cannot allow someone else to enter the garden with your membership. As a nonprofit organization, we ask that you come enjoy the garden with your guests and/or purchase a gift membership for them.

Can a friend and I purchase a family membership together?

Individuals in a family membership must live together and be able to show proof of residence.

Can I upgrade my membership?

Yes. Membership can be upgraded simply by paying the difference between levels. However, if the expiration date is three months away or less, we ask that you renew at the new level. The month of expiration will remain the same.

Are all members-only events free?

Some members-only events are free, but others require a fee for food, crafts, etc. Check out our member events page to view the list of upcoming events and pricing.

How many membership cards do I get?

  • One card is issued for the Individual Membership level
  • Two cards are issued for Family level and above
  • All levels (except the Individual level) are valid for free admission all year long for two named adults living at the same address, plus four accompanying guests or children.

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