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Did you know that ticket sales cover just 27 percent of our costs? As a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, the Dallas Arboretum relies on our generous donors to provide a beautiful benefit to the public. Find out the ways you can donate.

Support The Garden During This Critical Time

The Dallas Arboretum is most grateful for those who can help this year with an additional gift to our Annual Fund. Thanks to a Caroline Rose Hunt Society Member who has generously provided a $50,000 challenge grant, your donation will go even further. 

With our anticipated loss in net revenue being 7 million dollars, we seek an additional or extraordinary gift from those who value our work and whose circumstances allow them to support us in this way. Gifts to this fund are completely tax deductible to the full extent allowed by law as no gifts or benefit would be received.

Your gift in this way along with those of others can help us weather this storm. We are so very glad that you know the value we bring to the community and want to be there for us in these times. We will also be working as a board and staff to continue to reduce costs  while never sacrificing the look of our garden, the visitor experience and the security and safety of all.

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Two women sitting in front of a bed they have sponsored

Blooming Beds Program

Honor the special people in your life with a Blooming Bed. Your dedication, which can be for a full year or for the duration of our spring or fall festivals, provides honorees with ten square feet of a beautiful floral bed.  You can visit the garden throughout the blooming cycle of your gift and appreciate the changing of flowers and color within your Blooming Bed.

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Tributes and Honor Gifts

Whether you are giving in celebration of a birthday, marriage, or retirement; or naming a tree in honor of a loved one, we are proud to be a place where you can celebrate these important moments in life.

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Contribute to a Capital Gift

Guided by our Master Plan, the Dallas Arboretum will develop important new gardens and features over the next decade. As we grow, we will also maintain our historic buildings and enhance your favorite programs and festivals, and we need your help to make these happen.

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Legacy and Planned Gifts

You can leave a legacy for the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden through thoughtful financial and estate planning and help ensure that we may continue our mission for generations to come. The Arboretum offers several ways that you can perpetually honor those you love in one of the most beautiful gardens in the world.

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Name a Day Program

We have a new opportunity for those who want to support the Arboretum and enjoy a unique experience. You can choose to name a day after an individual for any reason, such as to honor them or because of a birthday or anniversary, or to remember a loved one.

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Other Ways of Giving

While financial gifts do a great deal to allow the Arboretum to maintain and create programming and beautiful gardens, there are other ways to contribute to the gardens, through Membership, Sponsorship or Volunteering.