8525 Garland Road, Dallas, Texas 75218

Directions and Parking

Parking lot in the fall amidst trees

Directions and Parking

Main Entrance- Gate 1

8525 Garland Road
Dallas, Texas 75218

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Map of the Arboretum showing it's proximity to the east of Dallas by White Rock Lake. Detail shows the gates

Parking Garage- Gate 4

The parking garage (with 1,150 spaces) is located across the street from the Rory Meyers Children’s Adventure Garden, with a secure underground walkway underneath Garland Road for safe access. The street address is 8720 Garland Road, Dallas, TX 75218. From its lowest point underneath Garland Road, the walkway gently slopes up to meet ground level at the entrance of the Children’s Adventure Garden. The garage and underground walkway are both handicap accessible.

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Parking Garage at the Dallas Arboretum

Parking Information


Located at Gate 3 on Private Drive and Garland Road

Rideshare and drop-off is available at Gate 3. Drivers may drop off passengers at the north ticket booth entrance, where there is limited covered seating available. Vehicles then proceed to Gate 4 to park in the parking garage where they will park and then use the underground walkway to meet their party at the north ticket booth.  

*Note, we will no longer offer valet parking to the public during festivals. 

Year-Round Parking

Excludes August Dollar Days

  • The cost for parking is $15 per car when purchased in person at the ticket booth.
  • You can pre-purchase your parking online for $12, a $3 savings.
  • Parking is free for Members.
  • Parking for Holiday at the Arboretum at night is included with night time admission. Please do not purchase separate parking.

Cool Thursdays Concerts

Drop-off/Pickup/Rideshare Available


  • Due to limited parking at Gate 2 and in the interest of safety, all concert parking is limited to the main lot at Gate 1 and the Parking Garage.
  • We also ask guests not come to Gate 2 for any reason, such as to drop off people or personal effects such as coolers. Guests attempting to drop off at Gate 2 will be turned away.
  • Parking in the Camp parking lot and check in at the Camp ticket booth are reserved for concert sponsors and “Friends” level donors.
  • At night, parking will be limited to the two floors below ground as part of zoning agreement with City of Dallas, to eliminate any noise or light so as to avoid disrupting the neighborhood. Staff and volunteers can use the Garland Road side of level one.


To benefit our concert attendees, we will allow all drop-off, pickup and rideshare vehicles (Lyft, Alto, Uber, etc.) to enter at Gate 3. This will allow guests with disabilities and guests with large items to gain closer access and have a much shorter walk to the concert lawn.
Guests are allowed to be dropped off ONLY; parking is NOT ALLOWED in this area. All concert attendees are still required to park at Gate 1 or Gate 4. Guests will no longer be allowed to be dropped off or picked up at Gate 2.
Handicap parking is still available at Gate 1 and Gate 4. For questions, please contact 214.515.6615.

August Dollar Days Parking

August 1 – 31

  • The cost for parking is $6 per car when purchased in person at the ticket booth.
  • You can also pre-purchase your parking online for $6.
  • Parking is free for Members.

Please do not park in the neighborhoods surrounding the Arboretum. The streets have tow-away zone signage and the Arboretum upholds this request from our neighbors.

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