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Speakers Bureau

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Let the Speakers Bureau bring a lively and entertaining presentation to your group.

The Speakers Bureau has an extraordinary passion for the Dallas Arboretum. This talented group is available to provide lively and entertaining presentations on a variety of topics related to the Arboretum. Presentations can be adapted to the length your meeting requires.

Program topics include:

Favorite Plants of Dallas Arboretum (New)

In a PowerPoint presentation, the Speaker will share the plants which are routinely used at the Arboretum. Many of these plants have been included in the Arboretum’s Plant Trial Program, and can withstand our North Texas weather extremes and still look good. These plans will be shared in this presentation.

Dallas Arboretum – Your Garden

The beautiful gardens and lush lawns on the shores of White Rock Lake are photographically presented as the speaker describes the history of the gardens and the DeGolyer home, along with current events that make the Arboretum an ever-changing place to visit and enjoy. This program highlights the many new and planned additions and enhancements to its gardens. We can adapt this program from 40 to 20 minutes.

Trees at the Dallas Arboretum

This informative PowerPoint presentation provides a photographic tour of the many an varied trees at the Dallas Arboretum. Beautifully photographed and presented by a Certified Master Gardener. The speaker will also answer questions about your own yard.  

Sculpture and Art at the Dallas Arboretum

Over the years, the Arboretum has added a number of outdoor sculptures and art to the grounds. The names, artists, locations and stories behind the sculptures and art work will be presented to in an informative tour of the gardens.

Master Gardener on Wheels – Bring the Arboretum to Your Home

The inspiring story of a Dallas Arboretum volunteer proves that serious gardening is possible despite physical limitations. The speaker is a Certified Master Gardener who was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy. He will show you his garden design influenced by the Arboretum gardens. Please call to discuss specific equipment and access required.

Behind the Scenes at the Dallas Arboretum

Our goal is for the Arboretum to be beautiful 365 days a year! That’s a tall order, but our Arboretum staff aces it on continual basis. Learn some of the tricks of the trade as our PowerPoint takes you through a year behind the scenes, beginning with our award-winning Blooms Festival, through the enchanted Holidays at the Arboretum festival at the end of the year.

Dallas Arboretum Plant Trials

You probably know about our amazing gardens and the Arboretum’s commitment to education, but did you know that we’re also one of the top testing sites for new plants? Our goal is to find, promote and display the toughest plants for the home garden and the horticulture industry. Learn how this process works and how some of our past winners might be a great fit for your own garden.

To schedule an Arboretum program, email dallasarboretumspeakers@gmail.com.

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