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If transportation is an issue, we can come to you with our Nature Naturally, Science on the Grow and Auditorium programs. Outreach programs from the Dallas Arboretum will help you build a connection to science that steps beyond the classroom walls.

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Children’s Adventure Garden Learning Galleries

Children’s Adventure Garden Learning Galleries


Pre-K – 8th Grade

$10 per child | 1:8 teacher/chaperone free | $15 per additional adult

Price also includes admission to the Main Garden

Habitats PK-6th Grade

Students begin to explore the components of a habitat in a giant eagle’s nest with larger-than-life eggs and then explore the Discovery Loop Trail through a woods and meadow to investigate what lives in a rotting log, a tree snag and in the tree tops.

NEW! Incredible Edible PK-6th Grade

Which foods provide you with the most energy? How much of our plate should be fruits and vegetables? Where do we get our food? In this program students explore healthy food choices, uncover where their food comes from and discover new techniques being used in farming.

NEW! Moody Oasis PK-6th Grade

Are insects our friends or foes? Are they pests? No! 75% of all flowering plants need animal pollinators and this includes the majority of the plant foods in our diet. Learn about the important relationships between plants and insects and how each are adapted to benefit from one another.

Plants Are Alive PK-2nd Grade

Your students will enter a magical world of giant plants and flowers as they discover that plants really are alive. Exploration of this gallery includes investigating plant parts and functions, plant life cycle activities, a giant 3D flower puzzle and following a trail on the search for leaves, stems, flowers and roots.

Living Cycles

This gallery is all about growth and change. From the changing of the seasons to a plant’s life cycle from seed back to soil, your students will explore different kind of plant and animal life cycles, investigate pollinators and their role in the plant life cycle and explore the importance of decomposition.

NEW! Texas Native Wetlands: Wetlands Biologist 1st-8th Grade

How healthy is our habitat? Bring your students to The Pat & Gill Clements Foundation Programs for Texas Native Wetlands to be immersed in a completely different ecosystem. Students will visit our outdoor island classroom to collect data using scientific tools and use the connections between the living and non-living parts of the environment to determine the health of our waterway.

NEW! Texas Native Wetlands: Freshwater Microbiologist 4th-8th Grade

What kingdom do I belong to? In this Pat & Gill Clements Foundation Programs for Texas Native Wetlands lesson, your students learn what a freshwater microbiologist might find in the wetlands. Learn about some of the diverse creatures from various kingdoms that are part of the unseen freshwater ecosystem. Using various scientific equipment, students learn to make their own wet slides from the water samples. Then, students use observational skills to make inferences about the creatures living in the wetlands.

Earth Cycles: Earth from Space 2nd-8th Grade

A weather machine allows students to make wind, rain fog, a tornado in a tube, check temperatures and test the barometric pressure. Students use their shadow to become a human clock, learn about the solar system and explore the phases of the moon.

Earth Cycles: Dynamic Earth 4th-8th Grade

The Earth is always changing. Many of the changes to the Earth’s surface come about through the processes of weathering, erosion and deposition and the movement of tectonic plates. From our interactive stream tables to hands-on inquiry with rock samples, your students engage in exploration and discovery of the natural world.

Kaleidoscope 3rd-8th Grade

Explore the connection between science, math and art. Students experiment with a giant kaleidoscope, study the Fibonacci sequence and build their own knot garden. Students investigate biomimicry, patterns, symmetry and fractals, have the opportunity to create their own designs and examine the plants around them to discover patterns in nature.

NEW! OmniGlobe: Planetary Voyage 3rd-8th Grade

Explore the planets in our solar system in our OmniGlobe theater. Watch as the sphere transforms into NASA maps of the planets. Discover what makes each planet unique, including our irreplaceable planet Earth.

NEW! OmniGlobe: Powerful Oceans 3rd-8th Grade

Discover the incredible role of oceans in creating and regulating weather in our OmniGlobe theater. Students will watch as the giant sphere models animations of ocean currents and hurricanes from satellite data explore why we depend on the health of this valuable resource.

Pure Energy 4th-8th Grade

Students explore three islands, each one focused on a different type of renewable energy source from nature. On the Water Island, students will experiment with a hydroelectricity activity station and an Archimedes screw. On the Wind Island, students will use a giant Air Zooka to feel the power of wind and learn how it can be transformed into electricity. The Solar Island features a solar tree and many exciting activities designed to give your students a new understanding of alternative energy sources and the transfer of energy.

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Classroom Lab Programs

Reserve a classroom learning experience at the Visitor Education Pavilion in the Main Garden to explore a variety of life, earth and physical science topics. Also available as outreach lessons at your school!


Pre-K – 12th Grade

$10 per child | 1:8 teacher/chaperone free | $15 per additional adult

Price also includes admission to the Children’s Adventure Garden

Pumpkin Circle (Fall Only) PK-2nd Grade

After distinguishing between living and non-living things, we explore the pumpkin life cycle, as well as plant their own seed to take back to school for observation. The perfect ending for this lesson is a walk through the Arboretum’s Pumpkin Village.

Seedsational (Spring Only) PK-2nd Grade

After classifying everyday items as living or non-living, students discover the fascinating world of plants they see throughout the garden by exploring their basic needs, parts and functions.

Students plant their own seed to take back to school.

NEW! Flight of the Honeybee K-2nd Grade

Students investigate the interdependence of plants and bees and discover the unique clues flowers use to attract pollinators, including the special ways pollinators are able to find the flowers just right for them.

NEW! Here Comes the Sun K-2nd Grade

Like any other ecosystem, the Arboretum is a complex and active place requiring a lot of energy to grow and thrive. But where does that energy come from? And how is it used? Students explore trophic relationships to learn about consumers and producers and to generate a food chain.

NEW! Plant Detectives K-2nd Grade

Although the Arboretum is home to many plants, not all plant species are suited to thrive in the Dallas area. In this class, students learn about biomes and plant adaptations and examine leaves to infer characteristics of the plant’s habitat.

NEW! The Scoop on Soil K-2nd Grade

Introduce your students to the world of geology as they explore the uses of rocks and discover how soils are formed. Experiments and hands-on discovery make this a great program to enrich your earth science curriculum.

NEW! Wonders of Water K-2nd Grade

Explore the wonderful world of water! Students investigate the properties of water, the water cycle and the different forms of water through interactive, hands-on activities.

NEW! Go with the Flow 3rd-5th Grade

Despite being separate recreational areas, the Arboretum and White Rock Lake are closely connected by nature. Students learn how to use topographic maps and investigate soil erosion to ensure the Arboretum maintains a healthy relationship with its neighbor.

H2 OH! 3rd-5th Grade

Although water may look like a simple molecule, it has some amazing properties! Students learn about surface tension, its relationship to cohesion and adhesion and how plants move this essential substance from roots to leaves.

It’s a Bug’s Life 3rd-5th Grade

We are home to hundreds of plant and animal species, including many creepy crawlies living in the soil. But what exactly is an insect? Students learn the common characteristics that all insects share, examine their adaptations using models and real specimens and differentiate between complete and incomplete


NEW! Plant Secrets 3rd-5th Grade

Plants can’t talk to us, but their leaves provide us with so much information (if you know where to look). Students learn about plant adaptations and investigate a diverse selection of leaves to observe how adaptations are suited to specific environments.

NEW! Bees and Quiet 3rd-6th Grade

Bees are essential to food production and their numbers have declined in recent years. In this simulation, students analyze different hives to determine the likely causes of colony collapse disorder and what they can do to help.

NEW! Disappearing Act 3rd-6th Grade

Ecosystems are not organisms, but they do respond to changes in their parts. What happens when an organism in an ecosystem disappears? Students simulate a real world case of an animal disappearing from an ecosystem and the environmental impact of this forced removal.

Special Request Program PK-12th Grade

Minimum 100 students

Interested in a topic that you don’t see listed here? Additional programs are available, including custom labs on soils, the rock cycle and more. Our staff educator will work with you to design a program that meets your students’ specific needs.

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Great Contributors

$10 per child | 1:8 teacher/chaperone free | $15 per additional adult
rd – 8th Grade

Available through 11/25

This special-exhibit program focuses on the lives and times of eight historic figures, including Shakespeare, Lincoln and the Wright Brothers – all artfully cast in bronze and placed throughout the garden. Each student receives an interactive exhibit guide and explores the art, culture and history of the notable figures, their contemporaries and Dallas during their day.

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Texas Native Plant Lab


3rd-8th Grade

$10 per child | 1:8 teacher/chaperone free

Includes Children’s Adventure Garden admission

Texas is home to a great diversity of flora and this program focuses on those plants which are specially adapted to survive on the plains, mountains and basins including cacti and succulents, grasses and wildflowers. Through hands-on investigations utilizing digital equipment, and refinement of their scientific observation skills, students explore our newest educational garden.

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Tree Works


$10 per child | 1:8 teacher/chaperone free | $15 per additional adult

PK-6th Grade

Price includes Children’s Adventure Garden admission

Trees are amazing! How do many of these giant plants outlive humans? Some trees at the Arboretum are over 100 years old! Students discover the science of studying a tree and what they need to have a long life.

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Nature’s Works of Art


K – 5th Grade

$10 per child | 1:8 teacher/chaperone free

Add Children’s Adventure Garden admission for just $3 per student

Students rotate through three stations investigating the beauty and wonder of trees and flowers that have enchanted artists for centuries in this Arboretum educator-led program. Students explore color, shape and texture in nature and investigate the use of artistic skills in a variety of jobs at the Arboretum.

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Exploring Elements of Photography


K – 5th Grade

$10 per child | 1:8 teacher/chaperone free

Includes Children’s Adventure Garden admission

Students investigate the basic elements of photography and analyze the photographer’s process in capturing an image of nature in this Arboretum educator-led program. Students should bring personal or campus technology to create their own nature art.

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Art at the Arboretum


Pre-K – 5th Grade

$8 per child | 1:8 teacher/chaperone free

Add Children’s Adventure Garden admission for just $3 per student

Immerse your students in nature as they explore the beauty and wonder of Dallas’ outdoor science laboratory. A teacher’s guide and student journals are provided at check-in for this self-led artful trip around the Arboretum. Don’t forget your pencils!

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Our Place at Your Pace


Pre-K – 8th Grade Children’s Adventure Garden and Main Garden

9th – 12th Grade Main Garden only

$8 per child | 1:8 teacher/chaperone free | $15 per additional adult

Looking for something a little more flexible? Explore Dallas’ most beautiful classroom: the Arboretum’s 66-acre educational adventure on White Rock Lake. Explore the Rory Meyer’s Children’s Adventure Garden, the mist in the Palmer Fern Dell and investigate the fossils in the water walls at the Lay Ornamental Garden. Your students will be immersed in nature as they explore the beauty and wonder of Dallas’ outdoor science laboratory. We will even provide you with exploration materials to use during your self-guided visit.

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Tree Works


$10 per child | 1:8 teacher/chaperone free | $15 per additional adult

PK-6th Grade

Price includes Children’s Adventure Garden admission

Trees are amazing! How do many of these giant plants outlive humans? Some trees at the Arboretum are over 100 years old! Students discover the science of studying a tree and what they need to have a long life.

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Little Sprouts Garden Adventures


Pre-K – Kinder

$10 per child | 1:8 teacher/chaperone free | $15 per additional adult

Price includes Children’s Adventure Garden admission

Fall Squirrel Adventure

This fun, interactive outdoor program focuses on living and non-living things and their interactions within habitats. It also features a big book story the children can act out and a puppet show in our Little Sprouts outdoor theater in the Children’s Adventure Garden.

Spring Butterfly Adventure

This exciting, engaging outdoor program brings growth, change and metamorphosis to life with a big book story the children can act out and a puppet show in our Little Sprouts outdoor theatre in the Children’s Adventure Garden.

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Custom Programs


Pre-K – 12th Grade

$15 per student | 1:8 teacher/chaperone free

Let us create an instructor-led program designed just for your students. Topics include: plant adaptations, solar ovens, landscape photography, trial gardens investigation, propagation and light in the garden.

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Before Your Trip

View Children’s Adventure Garden etiquette with your students prior to your visit


Refer to your invoice for payment due dates, amount and mailing address. Your reservation may be cancelled if your payment is not received by the due date.


All schedule and attendance changes must be made no later than two weeks before your visit unless the Arboretum is closed due to inclement weather. If you need to reschedule your reservation, you must contact the Reservations Department ( at least two weeks before your scheduled visit in order to apply the payment to a new visit date.


All field trips are nonrefundable. The Arboretum does not issue refunds or tickets for absent group members.

Special Needs

Please let the Reservations Department know if you are bringing children with special needs.


Schools are required to maintain the 1:8 adult to student ratio, with those chaperones receiving free admission. Additional adults will booked with the school group will receive a reduced rate but may not attend scheduled programs due to space limitations.


Education experiences are only open to school-aged children included in the group reservation. Siblings and strollers should not be brought with chaperones.


Free admission for Dallas Arboretum members is not valid with school group reservations.


Education staff will advise bus drivers of their parking location upon arrival to the Dallas Arboretum. Bus parking is free, but may be off-site on high traffic days. Chaperones arriving in their own vehicle may pre-pay for parking to receive a reduced rate. Click here to pre-purchase parking. As chaperones may be required to park in a different location than buses, it is recommended that teachers and chaperones exchange cell phone numbers

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Day of Your Trip


School check-in begins at 9:30 a.m. Be sure to bring your confirmation email and have an accurate count of students, free teachers/chaperones, and additional pre-paid chaperones.

The lead teacher will disembark from the bus and take the confirmation paperwork to the education reservationist. In the Main Garden, this will be at the Old Ticket Booth. In the Children’s Adventure Garden, this will be at the main ticket booth.

Any additional chaperones that have not pre-paid will pay regular garden admission at the ticket booth. Any chaperone that has parked their vehicle and has not pre-paid for parking should pay for parking at either ticket booth prior to leaving the Dallas Arboretum.

Program Times

If you are scheduled for an educational program, please ensure you are aware of which program you are participating in and when and where it takes place. This information will be given to the lead teacher prior to the day of the field trip.


Place lunches in coolers or large boxes and clearly mark your school’s name on them. Unload and bring them into the garden as your group arrives for check-in. Suitable spots for group lunches are provided in the Dallas Arboretum Field Trip 2015-2016 Map provided with registration. Wheeled coolers are recommended.

First Aid and Lost & Found

First Aid and Lost & Found are located at the Information Booth at both ends of the garden. Post-field trip lost item inquiries can be directed to

Field Trip Etiquette

  • Chaperones are responsible for 8 children. They should be in separate groups and remain with their assigned chaperone AT ALL TIMES. This includes entrance into galleries, buildings, and public areas.
  • Children must NOT pick plants, feed animals or step into the flower beds or abuse displays or equipment of any type.
  • Children must NOT climb on rocks, fences, arbors or water features. Rails and banisters are NOT slides.
  • Children should walk (in single file) on pathways for their safety and that of other guests. This means no pushing or shoving of others in any part of the facility.
  • Children should use quiet voices in the garden and inside all buildings.
  • We request that all cell phones be on ‘‘vibrate’’ and should be used by chaperones only in case of emergencies or coordination with the lead teacher. At all times the chaperone’s attention should be on students.

Children who are not in a specific class in a gallery with an Arboretum teacher should have educational goals to EXPLORE, DISCOVER and LEARN. If their teacher has not supplied materials before arrival, please ask a member of the education staff and these materials can be supplied.

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Contact the Reservations Department

Phone 214.515.6540


Fax 214.515.6578

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