A Tasteful Place

We broke ground on a Tasteful Place on September 12, 2016. We anticipate that it will launch in the fall of 2017.

A Tasteful Place is a two-acre food garden that will showcase fresh, natural foods, demonstrate how to grow them sustainably, and teach how to cook with them. The garden overlooks White Rock Lake and will include an orchard, vineyard and raised beds of beautiful flowers, vegetables and herbs, as well as shaded porches and patios for relaxing or entertaining. The Garden Pavilion includes a teaching kitchen that will showcase cooking demonstrations, classes and local chefs preparing “garden-to-table” cuisine for events and for television broadcasts.

Daily Tastings, Classes, and More

Daily tastings, cooking classes and demonstrations will be held throughout the year. Many people are confused about how to plant and harvest fruit trees and vegetables, so our chefs will take you into the garden, pick the edibles correctly, show how to clean and prepare them for your meal. Specialized classes on ethnic foods; mother/child cooking classes; healthy preparation of vegetables; gourmet recipes you can make from your own garden; and farm-to-table dinners will be a part of the excitement.

There will always been an activity or tasting going on in the Tasteful Place as well as areas for guests to sit and enjoy the lake view and gentle breezes.

Excess harvested food products not used in cooking classes or tastings will be given to the in-house caterer on the property for use in salads, sandwiches etc.

A Collaborative Effort

This will be a collaborative effort with alliances with many groups around the city already in place, that will showcase their knowledge and expertise with our Arboretum guests.

The Arboretum has partnered with Garden Home lifestyle celebrity P. Allen Smith to design the programming for A Tasteful Place to include a full calendar of educational activities, tastings, horticultural demonstrations and public festivals. We are creating a one-of-a-kind garden of nature’s bounty and educational value for North Texans – surrounded by our beloved Arboretum tradition of rich programming, gracious hospitality and the finest in garden design.




January 2017 Construction Update

  • Dinning Pavilion structural steel framing is near complete
  • Roof deck installation ongoing
  • Planting material in process of being acquired.
  • Lagoon Overlook foundation is being reworked
  • Piers for new trellis at entry plaza, circle lawn and tasting plaza are near complete
  • Project is on schedule for completion fall of 2017


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