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Nature’s Works of Art

Nature’s Works of Art

colorful tulip garden

Kinder – 6th Grade
$10 per child | 1:8 teacher/chaperone free
$15 per additional chaperone

Children’s Adventure Garden access included

The beauty and wonder of trees and flowers have enchanted artists for centuries. In this Arboretum educator-led program, students will explore color, shape and texture in nature and investigate the artistic skills used in a variety of jobs at the Arboretum.

2.1(B), 2.3(C)
3.1(B), 3.3(C)
4.1(B), 4.3(C)
5.1(B), 5.3(C)
MS 1 1(B), 3(D)

NGSS Crosscutting Concepts:
Patterns, Scale, Proportion and Quantity, Structure and Function

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