The Arboretum has developed several collections of plants, which are featured in areas throughout the gardens.

For inquiries about plant collections, please contact Jennifer Wang at or 214.515.6582.

The Hardy Fern Collection

Located in the Palmer Fern Dell, this collection contains a vast array of ferns, which stand their ground in the tough Texas Climate. The lush green surroundings and micro fine misters make this collection a visitor favorite on hot days.

The Holly Collection

Also known as Hollywood, this collection creates a verdant backdrop as concertgoers enter the Martin Rutchik Concert Lawn. Winter ushers in a spectacular show of color as many of the hollies bear beautiful red berries.

The Hardy Palm and Tropical Collection

Donated by the First Men’s Garden Club of Dallas with Tom & Nancy Wilten, this collection displays hardy palm species suitable to Texas climate. The Hardy Palm and Tropical Collection is located behind the Water Walls feature in the Lay Family Garden.

The Red Maple Rill

Opened in autumn 2011, this collection contains over 80 different varieties of Japanese Maples, increasing the Arboretum’s collection of Acer species to over 120 different varieties. Learn more about the Nancy Rutchik Red Maple Rill.

The Waterwise Display

Located in the Jonsson Color Garden, this display was donated by Region IV of the Texas Nursery and Landscape Association. It provides a valuable educational tool for home gardeners wishing to install and manage a low-water landscape.

The Carnivorous Plant Bogs

Located the Wild Wetlands at the Rory Meyers Children’s Adventure Garden, this collection is composed of species of Pitcher Plants as well as hardy Sundews, Venus Fly Traps, Butterworts and Bladderworts. Among the Pitcher Plants, or Sarracenias, is a group of Sarracenia alata which is native to Texas. These specific plants were harvested, with permission, from a site in Freestone County in East Texas.


The Arboretum’s collection of Azaleas is showcased primarily in the Jonsson Color Garden, but is also prominently displayed throughout the grounds. Naud Burnett II, the landscape architect that completed the design and installation of the 6.5-acre Color Garden, used Azalea varieties to visually unify the garden. Today the collection contains over 2,800 specimens.

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