The Nancy Clements Seay Magnolia Glade

The Magnolia Glade features a meandering waterway and picturesque lily pond amid a collection of beautiful flowers.

Along with her husband Austin, Pauline Neuhoff wanted to dedicate a quiet and special garden to honor her mother. The beautiful Nancy Clements Seay Magnolia Glade is now officially open to the public and features lush green grass, beautiful white blooms and the peaceful sounds of running water. The garden carries a meandering rivulet of water throughout, ending in a beautiful twisting fountain with photo opportunities at every turn.

Visitors, families and photographers can often be found in this soothing space enjoying the incredible scenery and the sounds of birds chirping and the bubbling rush of the fountains’ water.

Designed by Landscape Architect Warren Hill Johnson, the glade will take on different colors and textures throughout the year, but with the significant color within to be varied plantings of green and white. Framed by the 45-foot magnolias of the Dallas Arboretum’s Magnolia Allee, the glade is gently enclosed by 35 new ‘Teddy Bear’ southern magnolias. Butterfly Japanese Maples, large white flowering camellias, loquats and many others add to the palette of interesting horticulture within this peaceful garden.

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