While experiencing the Rory Meyers Children’s Adventure Garden offers limitless family activities, The Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden’s staff has narrowed the list down to come up with our Top 50 Best Experiences in the Children’s Adventure Garden.

1. Experience the eight acre Children’s Adventure Garden- a museum without walls. With 17 galleries and over 150 interactive exhibits based on the state and national curriculum standards for life and earth science, it will set a new standard for facilities of this type in the world.

2. Learn about nature in nature. Every process in nature is interconnected. Learn how a change in one system can cause a domino effect for many systems.

3. Be amazed by the fabulous OmniGlobe where you can experience a great variety of Earth and space phenomena.

4. Solve a CSI mystery. Use clues to find out which of the suspects is the culprit.

5. Discover a hidden world in the Amazing Secret Garden where the challenges change by closing doorways. Each time you visit there can be a new maze to explore.

6. Be a scientist as you perform an experiment in the Plant Lab, located in our state-of-the-art Exploration Center.

7. Walk under a waterfall and experience the tranquility behind it.

8. Identify native birds and learn about White Rock Lake using a telescope on the Moody Oasis.

9. Use solar energy to defy gravity and lift a wiffle ball in a tube.

10. See how wind energy can be transformed into electricity to power a light bulb on our Pure Energy Island.

11. Take a break and cool off under over 8,000 square feet of misting.

12. Decipher pictographs and carvings in the Petroglyph Walk. See how people used natural resources to communicate.

13. Encourage your toddler to enjoy the concepts of nature through play in First Adventure.

14. Discover the hidden world of pond ecosystems when children examine pond dippings in the Texas Native Wetlands.

15. Watch a 3-D video in the 3-D Mini Theater in the Exploration Center. You may be surprised at the adaptations of plants and animals you will see.

16. Learn about agriculture and how different cultures use different plants for food around the world.

17. Take a walk in the treetops on the Texas Skywalk and observe what is going on in the tree canopy.

18. Walk or crawl inside a tree and find out who finds shelter in a hollowed out tree.

19. Go for a ‘Walk in the Clouds’ and scamper like a squirrel, climb like a raccoon, and sail down like a bird all in a roped area above the ground.

20. Locate a giant tree cookie and discover how its rings tell the story of the history of the tree.

21. Aim a water cannon at a target to see how water energy makes the blades spin.

22. Determine the energy of photovoltaic cells in a unique solar tree.

23. In Shifty Business, see how the earth moves during earthquakes and how it can create mountains.

24. Learn about stalactites and stalagmites in our cave and watch a video about famous caves.

25. Create your own unique topography at the stream table and watch erosion and deposition at work.

26. Be part of a real sundial and discover how people used the sun to tell time.

27. Look through our giant kaleidoscope to see the way that patterns change shape and design.

28. Design and create your own knot garden using geometrically-shaped hedges.

29. Learn about the importance of Fibonacci’s sequence and how it was discovered. As you stroll through the garden, look for other examples of Fibonacci’s patterns.

30. Use Archimedes’ Screw on the water island in Pure Energy to transport water up a tube and power a light.

31. Discover how animals use habitats as homes as you walk our trail. You may find that some animals are difficult to spot!

32. Visit our Touch Tank to understand how some plants have adapted to life in water.

33. Touch and feel the plants in our Plant Petting Zoo to learn how different plants look, feel, and smell.

34. Walk on the lily pads of Turtle Creek, splash in the stream, and find a turtle hatching from its egg.

35. Discover how water travels up from the roots through the stem and all the way to their flowers at ‘The Works’.

36. Accompany your toddler through the caterpillar maze and discover the rolling bells inside.

37. Visit the Mushroom Patch, play with the water, and take a break on a mushroom stool.

38. Observe the difference between trees and discuss which tree you would choose for your backyard.

39. Follow animal tracks and determine what animal made them in the Walk on the Wildside.

40. Visit our energy tower and view the amount of energy produced by the solar panels on its roof.

41. Stroll through the orchard and vineyard for a view of a variety of grapes, apples, pears, and other fruit.

42. Relax on benches and under pergolas located throughout the garden and enjoy beautiful views of the lake and galleries.

43. Discover the magic of pollination by watching bees, butterflies, and birds hard at work.

44. ‘Follow the Flow’ throughout the garden to appreciate the crucial role of water in our lives. Play in our dancing fountain, watch a water wheel, and travel through the Texas Native Wetlands.

45. Return often. Things are always changing in this garden. The changes of nature, seasons, and life cycles make for a different, exciting adventure every visit.

46. Participate in our daily programs. With everything from storytime to scavenger hunts, there’s always something new to learn and discover in the garden.

47. Take a teacher one of our Educator’s Guides so your whole class can come experience the wonder of our garden on a school field trip.

48. Enjoy delicious refreshments in the cool breeze at the top of the hill at the Children’s Adventure Garden Snack Room.

49. Be assured that the Children’s Garden values educational excellence and fun! The Annette Simmons School of Education at SMU found students who visited the garden scored statistically higher than their peers. It has received endorsements from school districts and universities throughout Texas. City leaders have recognized the importance of this Children’s Garden. The garden has received hearty commendations from theme park executives at Legoland and other large children’s venues around the country.

50. Become a member of the Dallas Arboretum. With ever changing programs and displays, you will want to come back regularly.

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