Featuring a spacious lawn, a welcoming seating area and a simple yet eye-catching water feature, this beautiful Dallas garden is a new addition in front of the DeGolyer House.

Designed by landscape architects Walter Dahlberg and Steve Dodd, the pair created a beautiful vista garden featuring an open view of the DeGolyer House – one of the architectural features of the Dallas Arboretum and Botanic Garden. Opening up the view of the home from the Paseo, the designers introduced more limestone in the gracious stone seat walls, landings and steps to bring the buildings’ materials out into the new garden.

A small circular seating area surrounds a bubbling water feature, providing visitors a central attraction with fountain sounds.Surrounding the enclave are flowering cherry trees, George Taber azaleas and seasonal color that encloses part of the garden, giving visitors some solitude.

The central lawn area is surrounded by stone bench walls, seasonal color, flowering crape myrtle trees, hollies and the fall color of the yellow orange persimmons from its deep-rooted tree at the entrance to the garden. The combination of open spacing and scenic backgrounds make this garden an ideal location for outdoor wedding venues.

This Garden of Memories is dedicated to Val Late by her daughter Jan McMillan and son- in- law Dick McMillan, and their children, Kirsten, Lindsay, Richard and Emily.




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