What are the benefits of the Named Day Program?

All donors will receive the following valuable benefits:

  1. A number of tickets given to the donor valid only for the day chosen, based on the price of that date . Additional tickets can be purchased for a nominal fee. These tickets will be mailed to the donor for distribution.
  2. The donor will receive opportunity cards offering 50% admission for a maximum of 25 people. These can be redeemed at the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Society’s on-site ticket office.

How will the honoree be recognized?

The honoree will be recognized with a sign at each of the two-three Dallas Arboretum entrances. This will be showcased in a stand complete with weather resistant glass cover and top cap.

Who determines the actual date selection and must the date be approved?

The donor may select a date of their choosing. In order to ensure that it is truly a one-of-a-kind date at the Dallas Arboretum, the Director of Development must approve the date. Once approved, the donor will be notified via phone with a written follow-up via email or must provide written confirmation of the date. All tickets will be mailed directly to the donor.

Can anyone participate?

The Dallas Arboretum welcomes all individuals, organizations and corporations to participate in the Named Days Program. No logos or mention of the donor will be made on the signage if not the one for whom the day is named. It will be noted in the commemorative card the donor receives.

What types of events might be commemorated?

Named Days are a perfect opportunity to remember an important time like anniversaries, birthdays or graduations. It is a beautiful way to remember loved ones. Non-profits can also be honored for their work by the donor. A beautiful commemorative card will tell the recipient about your gift.

How does this impact the budget?

All contributions given in support of the Named Days Program will count toward the current year’s campaign.

Where can I get more information?

Contact our Development department at 214-515-6549 or visit this page.

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