Wine & Movies: A Perfect Pairing With Hayley and Gary Cogill

January 27, 6:30-8:30 p.m.


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Emmy-award winning journalist and producer, Gary Cogill, and sommelier and founder of Dallas Uncorked, Hayley Hamilton Cogill, lead guests through an interactive and tasty experience, discussing top movies of the year. Gary speaks to a movie palette and lists five of his picks for “Best of 2018”, while Hayley appeals to the taste palette with wines to match.

Dallas Arboretum's Groundhog's Day Celebration

Meet Arboretum Annie, Dallas’ Newest Groundhog Meteorologist

February 2, 7:00-9:00am, A Tasteful Place

What better way to find out when spring is coming than from everybody’s favorite meteorologist, the groundhog! Join us at 7:00am, where there will be breakfast items and beverages available for sale. After the sun rises at approximately 7:22 a.m., Colleen Coyle, WFAA Channel 8 meteorologist and emcee, and Robin Carreker, Dallas Arboretum Public Events board chair, will release Arboretum Annie to see if she sees her shadow. After that, guests are welcome to take selfies with the famous groundhog, make groundhog crafts and watch the iconic “Groundhog Day” movie with Bill Murray.

Guests are invited and encouraged to wear any type of hat (Texas-style for Groundhog Day) for a hat contest. Materials will be provided on site, and attendees are welcome to further embellish their hats. At the end of the event, a hat contest winner will be announced and will receive a prize.

Proclamation Contest

Schools, teachers, and parents are encouraged to help children write and submit a proclamation for the event. The Inner Circle in Punxsutawney script one in a language known as "Groundhogs," every year, so those interested in participating are encouraged to look at examples before crafting their own, appropriate for Dallas and this ceremony! This contest is open to any children under 18 years old, and the selected submission will be read that morning.” For those who would like to participate, submit your proclamation of up to 200 words via email to or via postal mail to the Dallas Arboretum (8525 Garland Rd., Dallas, TX 75218). The deadline for submission is January 29, 2019.

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