Summer at the Arboretum

Click play to be swept into a stunning visual experience of Summer at the Arboretum.

Summer at the Arboretum can surprise our guests, because so much of our gardens remain lush and full, often reaching the height of beauty during this warm season. We also have a host of beautiful water and misting features that combine a cooling experience with effects that make the garden even more visually stunning. Whether you want to get outside with the family for a picnic, enjoy an amazing concert set against sunset over White Rock Lake, you'll find a wonderful way to spend the day at the Arboretum during the summer.

Take a Walk on the Wild Side walkSTEM

Experience the Dallas Arboretum in new and unexpected ways by exploring the math and science all around us. Parents and children are welcome to pick up a map at the information booth for this self-guided tour.

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