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Weddings FAQ

Weddings Frequently Asked Questions

*All of the following information is stated in your contract.

Booking Your Event


How much is due at the time of booking?

  • A security deposit & a percentage of the venue fee is due when booking to secure your reservation. The amount is based on the location of your event and how far away your booking date is from the event date.

What is the refundable security deposit used for?

  • If there are damages to the grounds or property, the fees are deducted from your refundable security deposit.

Is the deposit included in the cost of the venue rental?

  • The deposit amount is outside of the rental cost. The deposit will be refunded after the event pending any damages to the venue.
  • Deposit amounts very based on the venue you choose and whether or not red wine will be served at your event. Please let you manager know if you will be serving red wine (reception venues only).

When will we receive the refundable deposit back?

  • Your security deposit, less any applicable deductions, will be mailed out up to 45 days after your event.

Are there any other fees associated with the venue cost?

  • We are a non-profit so we do not charge tax and do not have admin fees or service charges.
  • If your event goes beyond your contracted rental time, you will incur an overtime charge of $600 or more, to cover staffing fees.

What kind of payment options do you have available?

  • Payments may be made by credit card, cash or mailing in a check. We will not take payments out of your account automatically; you must provide the credit card number each time.

Do you provide payment plans?

  • Our payment plans are based on the how far away your booking date is from the event date. We will then take that information and break the rental fee up into either 4 payments or 2 payments. If the event date is within 3 months of the booking date the full payment is due up front.

When is the final payment due?

  • Final venue payments are due 90 days prior to your event date.
  • Any additional add-ons or rentals must be paid no later than 30 days before our event.

How do I book?

  • Once you are ready to book all we need is some information to make your contract. We will then send you your contract and payment form to confirm the booking. Once we have these two items back your event will be fully booked.


Can we use or bring in our own caterer?

  • Only Dallas Arboretum preferred caterers are allowed to cater events.
  • You only have to use the caterers for the food. You are allowed to bring in your alcohol & wedding cakes.
  • Vendors can apply to become preferred caterers here.

Are we able to hire our own licensed bartender or do we have to use someone from the catering approved vendor list to manage and distribute the drinks?

  • Bartenders are coordinated with the catering company.

When can my vendors come in to start setting up?

  • Vendors are allowed to arrive at 5pm unless a different time has been arranged with your Wedding Sales Manager.
  • Due to the garden being open to the public until 5pm, vendors coming in before 5pm must walk/carry equipment or use a push cart to the venue.

Can we bring in rentals from outside companies?

  • Yes, rentals can be brought in by other companies but those items must be removed by the end of the night.
  • We do have some items available for rental directly through us. Please ask to see our rental pricing sheet for more information on what we can offer and the pricing of those items.

Rain Plan

Do you offer a rain plan for ceremony only locations?

  • It’s always a good idea to have a back-up rain plan in case of poor weather.
  • The Dallas Arboretum is unable to provide a rain back up for ceremony only locations.
  • If one of the covered event spaces is not being used at the time of the event, we can use one of these as a rain plan; subject to availability of space.

Do you offer a rain plan for ceremony and reception locations?

  • Daytime and evening ceremony & receptions rain plan is to have ceremony where the dancing is to take place. You will discuss & make a rain plan when you meet to go over the layout for your space.


Can I get a tent in my garden for a rain plan option?

  • Tents are allowed at the reception locations only. Tents are not allowed on any of the ceremony sites.

What do I need to do if I want to get a tent for my reception space?

  • If you are wanting to purchase or look into pricing for a tent please contact your Wedding Sales Manager and they will discuss the tenting options & get a quote for the tent.

Do any of the locations come with a tent?

  • The Alex Camp House does come with a tent that is covering the terrace. This tent is up most of the year but is not included in the months of January, February, July and August.
  • Any additional tent at the Alex Camp House would need to be purchased separately.
  • The DeGolyer Estate does not have an included tent but one can be purchased and put up.
  • Rosine Hall and the A Tasteful Place are not able to accommodate a tent.

General Event Information

Where do my guests park and is there somewhere specific they need to park?

  • For most ceremony only locations the parking will be through the main parking lot at Gate 1. This can vary based on what is discussed with your coordinator.
  • For Rosine hall guests will park though the main parking lot at Gate 1
  • For A Tasteful Place guests will come through Gate 1 and park on the far side of the parking lot nearest to the entrance to A Tasteful Place. There will be signs directing guests to that parking section.
  • For the DeGolyer Estate valet is included for wedding ceremony and receptions. Guests will come through the main parking lot at Gate 1 and be directed to the valet.
  • For the Alex Camp house there is a private entrance. The parking is through Gate 2 at Lakeland Dr. The signs say restricted access but your guests will just pull up to the gate house and let the attendant know they are there for your event.
  • We do not have reserved spaces for events in the parking lots. Your guests will just park anywhere within that lot and go to the ticket booth to check in.

Do my guests need tickets to come in?

  • No they do not. Your event is on our calendar that is given to the ticket booth. All they will need to do is check in under your event name and they will let them through.

Can I extend my setup and/or teardown time for my event?

  • It is subject to availability but yes you can. The cost would be $600 for any additional hour.

Do you have a noise ordinance policy?

  • Amplified music may not be played after 10:30pm at the DeGolyer Estate & the Alex Camp House in accordance with the Dallas City Ordinance.
  • Amplified music may be played inside only until 12am at Rosine Hall and A Tasteful Place. All events must end by 12am at the latest. Teardown can take place after 12am.
  • Daytime garden events must use non-amplified music. Drums, horns, or brass instruments are not allowed in accordance with the Dallas City Ordinance.
  • All outdoor evening amplified music must end at 10:30pm as required by Dallas City Ordinance. No exceptions.

Do you provide time for a rehearsal?

  • Yes, rehearsals may be scheduled Monday through Friday, between 9am and 4pm. No weekend or after-hours rehearsals are available.
  • Parking and admission for your wedding party are included.

Can I store/drop off items for my event a couple days before my event?

  • Unfortunately we are unable to store items in our venues overnight. All items must be brought in during your venue rental time.

Can I leave items after my event and pick up the next day?

  • Unfortunately we are unable to store items in our venues overnight. All items brought in must leave with you or your group at the end of your event.

What kind of items can I use for my send off?

  • Since we are a botanical garden, bird seed, rice, paper confetti and other non-natural items cannot be used for decoration or used for tossing at the send off.
  • We have used real flower petals (have to be real and white or ivory only), bubbles, biodegradable confetti, etc.
  • We do not allow sparklers, candles, or any other products that involve a flame.

What is included in my ceremony rental?

  • We include white garden chairs (excludes intimate locations), a small table for the altar or guestbook, an event facilitator, stanchions to block the garden, and parking and admission for all guests.

What is included in my ceremony and reception rental?

  • We include the banquet tables, chairs (vary by location), an event facilitator, Dallas Police Officer for security, parking and admission for all guests, and a rehearsal in the ceremony space.

What size tables are included in my rental?

  • The ceremony spaces will use a 30” high boy or low boy depending on your preference.
  • Rosine Hall will have 72” rounds, 6 ft.’s, and 30” high boys or low boys
  • The Alex Camp House will have 60” rounds, 6 ft.’s, and 30” high boys or low boys
  • A Tasteful Place will have 60” rounds, 6 ft.’s, and 30” high boys or low boys
  • The DeGolyer Estate will have 60” rounds, 6 ft.’s, and 30” high boys or low boys

What chairs are included with my rental?

  • All ceremony locations use white garden chairs unless they are rented and brought in from an outside rental company.
  • Rosine hall includes banquet chairs with the rental. Those chairs can be upgraded to an Oak Chiavari chair with an additional cost. Please see the Rental Pricing sheet for more information or talk with your coordinator.
  • The DeGolyer Estate and The Alex Camp house will have white garden chairs provided.
  • A Tasteful Place will have Oak Chiavari chairs provided.

What is the role of the Event Facilitator?

  • The Event facilitator is the main point of contact for the facility on the day of your event only. All details will need to go through your Wedding Sales Manager ahead of time and the event facilitator will be given that information beforehand. They are not an event coordinator. If you think you will need the additional help feel free to reach out for our suggested planners list.

Is parking and admission included in the rental cost?

  • Yes it is. You and your guests will not have to pay to get in they just need to check in under your event name to get through the ticket booth.

Can I get a golf cart to cart my guests to and from the ceremony and reception sites?

  • Unfortunately we are unable to cart guests to and from the different sites. If a cart is needed for elderly or disabled guests please talk to your coordinator to go over what is available for those guests.

Do you allow candles?

  • We are a flameless property. Unfortunately we are unable to do candles of any kind. This includes votives, unity candles, and any other kind of ceremonial aspect or décor piece that involves flames.

Holiday/Festival Times and Maintenance

Will there be pumpkins in my rental area?

  • There are pumpkins is select locations around the garden. We try to keep these in the main public areas and out of the wedding ceremony sites. There will be pumpkins outside of the Alex Camp house, in the entry plaza of Rosine Hall, down the aisle of Crape Myrtle Allee, on the stairs of the DeGolyer Pergola, and throughout the garden of A Tasteful place.

Will the Holiday festival and being open to the public at night effect my event?

  • The public will only be in the gardens surrounding certain buildings. Only your guests will be allowed in the building or areas where your event is being held.
  • A Tasteful place is able to be blocked from the public
  • We place stanchions in the entry plaza to block the public from going into you rental space.
  • The Camp house is on the far side of the garden away from the activities going on. There should not be an issue at this location.
  • The DeGolyer estate is in the middle of the garden and is unable to be rented for wedding ceremonies and receptions. The public will be all around the DeGolyer estate and the surrounding gardens. We are not able to block these areas from the public.

Does the Arboretum have any scheduled or expected construction projects going on that might affect the venue space during the event?

  • Maintenance and/or construction may be needed for up keep of the venue or garden. Most instances are planned in advance and if needed we notify a client that their event may be affected by this.
  • Fountains and water features on the property are all subject to mechanical breakdown at any given time. DABS will not refund for gardens whose fountains or water features are unusable due to repair or maintenance needs.

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