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Education Resources

Children looking into a pond of lillies

Education Resources

We want your educational experience with the Dallas Arboretum to be spent exploring nature and learning authentic science content rather than trying to navigate the gardens. The resources below should help you be fully-prepared for your visit.

If the resources below do not meet all of your needs, please contact us at education@dallasarboretum.org or 214.515.6540.

Garden Education Maps

Download our Dallas Arboretum map for the layout of our entire property, including bus arrival, unloading zones and suggested lunch locations.

Download our Children’s Adventure Garden map¬†to navigate the garden and to know precisely where your field trip program meets.

TEKS & NGSS Alignments

Dallas Arboretum educational programs are interactive, hands-on and are meant to inspire young learners. They are, of course, standards-aligned, too! Download a copy of our TEKS Alignment Document.

Chaperone Guide

Be fully prepared to maximize your time in the garden by pre-printing our Chaperone Guide for all of your parents and staff that will be assisting your students during their field trip.

Field Trip Tips

Download a copy of our Field Trip Tips to have all the information you need before your trip as well as on the big day.

More Frequently Asked Questions

Want to be sure you are well-informed before the trip? See our School Programs FAQ for it all.