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Chef-tastic Cooking Demos

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See how the pros do it and sample a small bite from the fruits of their labor.

Wednesdays at A Tasteful Place


Visit each week for an essential skill to increase your kitchen prowess – you’ll have tips and tricks to share with friends and family, new go to recipes and more! 

March 1: Green with Envy: Learn the essential elements of a good salad dressing and how to make them 

March 8:  What is sous vide and What can I do with it? 

March 15: Choosing the right tool: pot vs pan and the correct knife for the job 

March 22: Seasoning a cast iron: how and when 

March 29: Bird’s the Word: breaking down a whole chicken! 

April 5: Brines: what they are and when and how to use them 

April 12: Dry Rubs vs Marinades: when to use & how to make  

April 19: What’s a roux?: how to thicken sauces & how to make them 

April 26: Boiling an egg: different times yield different results 

May 3: Knife skills 101 

May 10: Making Stock: creating flavor bases at home 

May 17: Perfect rice without a rice cooker 

May 24: Pasta cooking basics: learn to cook pasta al dente vs al “don’t-ay” 

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