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Chef-tastic Cooking Series

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See how the pros do it and sample a small bite of the fruits of their labor.

See how the pros do it and sample a small bite of the fruits of their labor. Enjoy a demonstration from renowned chefs and restaurants as they take center stage in the demonstration kitchen.

May 29 Snow Baby: Learn how you can create your own creamy Snow Baby inspired treats at home
June 2 Wilder Sweets: Rocky Road vegan cookie demo and vendor sale for Rocky Road Day
June 5 Froot Kaves: Watermelon pH-balanced lemonade demo and vendor sale
June 16 Pretty Vegan: Plantain Burgers with Impossible Patties
June 20 Sweet Vegan: Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies Demo and Vendor Sale
June 27 Custom Café Foods: Picnic Pairings
June 30 Chef Kuma of CAJUKIKU: Japanese Style Bento Boxes with Tomago Sando, Pickled Veggies and Asian Salad
July 9 Hey Y’all Bakery: Sugar Cookies Demo and Vendor Sale for Sugar Cookie Day
July 28 Yelibelly: Milk Chocolate Demo for Milk Chocolate Day
July 31 AvoEatery: Avocado Day Demo featuring Avocados from Mexico
August 1 Small charcuterie boards with meats, cheeses, fruit and jams
August 4 Wilder Sweets: Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookie Demo for Chocolate Chip Cookie Day
August 7 Pie Crush Bakery: Blueberry Pie
August 11 Pretty Vegan: Vegan Chili Cheese Dogs
August 15 Pepper Palooza with Custom Café Foods
August 17 Pepper Palooza with Papi’s Kitchen
August 18 Pepper Palooza with Smoking Joes Peppers and Sauce
August 21 Pepper Palooza with Smoking Joes Peppers and Sauce
August 22 Pepper Palooza with Behrne’s Pepper Salts
August 25 FloMo Elderberry Syrup: Kid-friendly smoothies and popsicles with Elderberry Syrup
August 29 Cindy Kleckner: Full Heart Healthy Meal
September 1 Custom Café Foods: Tailgate Twists
September 5  Greenville Ave. Pizza Company: Cheese Pizza for Cheese Pizza Day

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