8525 Garland Road, Dallas, Texas 75218

Board of Directors

Board of Directors

The Dallas Arboretum is owned by the City of Dallas, supported in part by the Dallas Park and Recreation Department and is operated by the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Society, Inc., a nonprofit organization. Our mission is to build and maintain a public botanic garden which promotes the art, enjoyment and knowledge of horticulture, while providing opportunities for education and research. We are committed to excellence, good management and fiscal responsibility.

Executive Officers

  • Alan Walne, Chairman
  • Jim Ryan, Vice Chairman
  • John Cabe, Secretary
  • Lisa Armstrong, Treasurer
  • Mary Brinegar, President and CEO

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Board of Directors

Lisa Armstrong
Steve Baker
Joel Barrett
Ken Barth
Barbara Bigham
Dr. Holly Bishop
Tom Cabe
Robin Carreker
Betty Crawford
Bunker Curnes
Peter Dauterman
John Dryden
Barry Epstein
Henry Exall
Duncan Fulton
Rod Gabel
Cynthia Gary
Owen Hannay
Tatiana Higdon- Estes
Dr. Joan Buchanan Hill
Kimberly Reasoner Hilley
Frankie Horn
Marissa Horne
Rita Hortenstine
Phil Huey
Christopher Jackson
Michael Jenkins
Kirsten Junkins Kerrigan
Katrina Keyes
Amanda Moreno Lake
Joe Laakman
Ben Leal
Melora F Leiser
Melissa Lewis
Preston McAfee
Jan Late McMillan
Amy Mitchell
Raamel Mitchell
Beverly Morrison
Patty Dedman Nail
Rosser Newton
Pierce Noble
Robin Norcross
Victor Ornelas
Ed Perrin
Mary Perrotta
Christopher Peters
Jane Pierce
Shelley Potter
Barbara Rayner
Holly Reed
Dawna Richter
Andrea Russell
Jim Ryan
Willow Sanchez
Marcy Sands
Doug Smellage
Barbara Sypult
John Taylor
Linda Todd
Alicia Voltmer
Celia Walker
Alan Walne
Annette Watkins
Marilyn Weber
Maurice West
Brandon White
Jocelyn K White
Robert White
Mark Wolf
Gerald Worrall

Key Staff

  • Mary Brinegar, President and Chief Executive Officer
  • Tina Roe, Chief Administrative Officer
  • Rebecca Billings, Chief Financial Officer
  • Missy Whisler, Sr. Vice President of Sales and Development
  • John Armstrong, Vice President of Property Development
  • Jenny Wegley, Vice President of Horticulture Operations
  • Dave Forehand, Vice President of Gardens
  • Charlotte Morrison, Vice President of Human Resources
  • Allyson Marbut, Vice President of Education
  • Terry Lendecker, Vice President of Advertising and Promotions
  • Elspeth Nelson, Director of Facility Operation
  • Kristi Kaiser Trail, Director of Public Events