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Earth Day

About This Event


Children's Adventure Garden


In honor of Earth Day, enjoy a weekend in nature at the Dallas Arboretum on April 24 with hands-on, outdoor activities.

In honor of Earth Day, enjoy a weekend in nature at the Dallas Arboretum on April 24 with hands-on, outdoor activities located in the Rory Meyers Children’s Adventure Garden from 10am–4pm. This festival features engaging learning experiences and special guest workshops, centered around celebrating the planet and learning how to take care of it for generations to come.


  • Recycled City: Use all recycled materials to create a model of a future sustainable city throughout the day in collaboration with other members of the community.
  • Vermicomposting: Learn the secret to awesome composting: worms! Discover how you can build your own vermicomposting bin at home.
  • Wetlands in Action: Look up close at the life found in wetlands using real tools like microscopes and see how tiny invertebrates can tell us the health of these unique environments.
  • Would You Drink That?: See how soil and plants can help filter water for our environment in an experiment you can try at home.
  • Pollination Station: Create finger puppets to explore Moody Oasis, a rooftop pollinator garden, and try to find the perfect flower adapted for your pollinator.
  • Go With The Flow: Play a fun game exploring the water cycle as a drop of water and make a bracelet to take home from your adventure.
  • Plantable Pots: Discover how you can make your own pots to start seedlings that can actually be planted in the ground.
  • Now You Sea Me…: Explore sea levels around the world and learn about the pH of the ocean and how these two things affect animals and people across the globe.
  • Earth Is In My Hands: Share how YOU pledge to help the Earth with a simple and fun craft in the Exploration Center.

Special Guests

  • Program presented by EarthX.
  • Tierra Rocks with Chicana in Nature – Learn about the formation of fossils as you create your own model and discover how rocks change over time. (Earth Cycles)
  • Urban Inter-Tribal Center of Texas – Three Sisters Planting
  • Performances of Jack and the Beanstalk presented by The Dallas Opera (Incredible Edible) (11am & 12pm)